“What you can walk away from you have mastered”  ” what you cannot walk away from has mastered you”

Originally from East Africa ,Born and raised in Mwanza Tanzania 5’10 height and weight 135 lbs, Birthdate 08/08 ambitious, intelligent, classy and sexy: model Cynthia Masasi has been catching the attention of the entertainment industry since appearing on the scene in 2006. Whether she is gracing the pages of the hottest magazines on the newsstands, Ms. Masasi has made her presence known in three short years in an industry that only guarantees a mere “15 minutes” to shine.

Beginning in 2006, she has been in high demand for work in music videos, appearing in videos with T.I, Juvenile, Jazze Pha, Rick Ross, and many more. Even though Cynthia Masasi’s success can be contributed to her many appearances in hip-hop and rap music videos, she has voiced her opinion that music videos as a whole are demeaning to women. She took time out from this and start taking acting classes in LOS ANGELES CA, Ms Masasi graduated from NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY  its one of the best acting school’s in the whole world.

It would not be long before Hollywood would take notice of this fledgling talent. This year after graduated from NYFA Cynthia made her silver screen debut appearing in one independent movie SEVERED INN which premiered in March 6th 2010. Ms. Masasi counts landing a role in this movie it’s a  dynamic experiences to date. She Also was featured in an African Movie called “REBOUND ” this March 2010 and she is now working on a sitcom series which will involve big Hollywood names Like Jackie Long.

Cynthia or “Cynth” to friends and family has a host of siblings (five) who keep her grounded. She has Four younger sister’s Margreth,Lilian,Zitta and Lisa  also i have one younger brother Mohamed Mbelwa, who she lovingly refers to as the love of her life.  A Leo who enjoys reading, traveling and attending the theatre, says the biggest misconception about her is that she is “stuck-up”. On the contrary, says Cynthia. With all the success she has attained thus far in her career, Cynthia remains the same “sweet, down to earth person, who talks a lot, loves to laugh and have a good time and attends church every other Sunday to remain spiritually focused.”

And for those who have ever had the pleasure of meeting her and seen how her smile lights up a room, been in her presence and witnessed her star quality, or are privileged enough to actually know her can agree: no name fits her better…for she is sincerely, Cynthia.
Excelling on camera, Cynthia always captivated her audience growth in personal and professional development.  Growing up she was a very good basketball player  ,In every school she attended she was the star of the team,she always wanted to be an actress.Speaking of her family she said “My family and friends are so important to me. I feel so lucky to have them in my life. Without them i would be nothing. I have been blessed with  loving parents.

They have all taught me so much and they have molded me into the person I am today all three of them.My Mother Veronica, My Lovely Biological father Mr Mustapha who was a successful businessman.

My Family will always have my back no matter what I choose to do and I Love them for that, everybody in my family shows me a lot of support since I got in the industry and I cherish them for that.My Lovely Sister’s, Margreth,Lilian,Zitta and Lisa I love you soo very much and my Brother Mbelwa you all my everything to me. My bestfriend Jacquline Korassa ,Tonya Terelle  and Regina Mgeta  are my number ones supporters  i respect them like my blood sister’s.In acting they compares Ms Masasi to Angela Bassett.

A few things about Cynthia Masasi:
Her favorite foods include crab anything and African food.
Her favorite color is white & pink and favorite movie is The Color Purple.
Cynthia is proud to be a Leo born in the month of August.
Favorite quote:    “Make your haters your motivators!!!”